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UITGESTELD: lezing #WeChangeForLife

Foto: cocoparisienne

Wegens de pandemie waren we genoodzaakt deze lezing uit te stellen. We proberen het -natuurlijk onder voorbehoud en volgens de dan geldende richtlijnen- later opnieuw.

PDL nodigt je uit voor een lezing over het #WeChangeForLife-initiatief door Prof. Caroline Nieberding (UCLouvain).

Waar? Groot auditorium, Zoölogisch Instituut, Naamsestraat 59 (ingang via de Charles Deberiotstraat), 3000 Leuven

Wanneer? Woensdag 25 november om 19u

De lezing zal in het Engels zijn. Nadien is er tijd om vragen te stellen aan Prof. Nieberding.

Title: The initiative #We Change For Life : 250 Belgian scientists change their way of life for increased sustainability

By Prof. Dr. Caroline Nieberding, Professor in Terrestrial Ecology, Group of « Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics », Earth and Life Institute, UCLouvain.

This seminar will report what changes we, Belgian scientists, make in our lives and why - you can read the whole project on

Scientists in multiple fields of expertise have been documenting for decades how our way of living in developed countries affects the sustainability of our environment. Climate warming is one side of the coin, well documented by the IPCC panel of climatologists. More recently, the biodiversity crisis appears as another side of the coin, based on the conclusions by the IPBES 2019 global report - the IPBES panel being the “IPCC of biologists”-.

A large community of Belgian scientists has decided that we need to change our own behaviours, to induce change around us, and to inform the citizens about the gravity of these environmental crises. Caroline Nieberding, ecologist at UCLouvain, the climatologist Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, and the federal expert in biodiversity Lucette Flandroy have collected all testimonies on (in NL, FR and EN). There, each scientist explains from his/her field of expertise why the situation is so bad, and how each of us try and reach a sustainable lifestyle. Consumption, including of energy for mobility and for food, appear as central axes for reaching individual sustainability. I will summarize what changes we make in our lives and why these changes are relevant.

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